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Ed Rafalski首席战略和营销官,Baycare Health System

One of my favorite conferences to attend each year is HCIC,the Healthcare Internet Conference,在那里,我可以赶上那些在数字医疗领域做出不可思议事情的人和组织。manbetx备用网

最近,I spoke with Ed Rafalski,the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Baycare Health System,关于他的HCIC谈话,“卫生系统的营销趋势和基准”,具体来说,我们关注保险公司和医疗系统的融合,因为Baycare在10月份刚刚进入医疗保险优势领域。

Listen to our podcast below or read on for my insights.

"The Healthcare Industry Is in Evolution"

拉法斯基承认,“医疗保健行业正在发展。”这是真的,有很多原因,当然,like the shifts towards consumerism and the retailization of healthcare.But one new shift,据拉法斯基说,could change the way we plan for and measure objectives.

"There's another shift occurring,这就是保险和供应商空间的融合。There are a lot of systems that are contemplating or offering provider expense-sponsored health plans,健康计划也在购买医疗服务提供者。And so there's this convergence,if you will,在医疗保健领域的这两个领域。”

The shift,Rafalski notes,makes a lot of sense.After all,“你为什么不希望你的医生和保险公司一起帮助你实现目标?”他说。This is particularly true as Baby Boomers age into Medicare.

这种融合,he says,means marketers will have to shift their metrics and KPIs when measuring success.

“了解你是如何成功的,特别是你所看到的哪些指标变得更加重要。So in my view,一般品牌意识建设的日子已经一去不复返了。It's still important,这是你必须知道如何做到的核心原则之一,但对我来说,发展是参与度和围绕客户创造终身价值的度量方面。无论你是保险公司还是供应商。”

Brand Metrics Shift Towards a Lifetime Value Model

Creating lifetime value around the customer means a shift in the way we measure our marketing success,says Rafalski.

“传统指标,如意识,辅助和非辅助品牌资产,这些措施仍然很重要。但是,当我们转变这种与消费者一起创造终身价值的观念,并理解他们在一生中是如何看待你的,I think is becoming a new area of opportunity for healthcare executives as they think about the relationship with the consumer."

所以,he says,保险和供应商的融合意味着从服务收费模式向组织补偿方式的价值结构转变。因此,rather than simply looking at the cost to acquire a patient,providers should look at the lifetime value of that cost of acquisition.

This value-based model helps shift the focus towards a patient's overall health and time spent with the provider.

“在价值世界中,我们专注于创造最高效的医疗服务,同时保持会员的健康。That may not be more clicks and more touches.所以这是一个不同的模式。What's important is you need a new set of metrics to be able to talk about that new paradigm.这就是消费者生命周期中的价值和行为变得更加重要的地方。”


While it may sound difficult to calculate metrics based on the lifetime value of a member or patient,Rafalski says it's really not.


但是,随着许多卫生系统转向以终身价值为基础的测量方法,它们面临着一个显著的挑战:让管理人员登录。Starting with that straightforward calculation,Rafalski says,使这项任务容易得多。From there,you can do a deeper dive to gain insights on thinks like cost per acquisition and the most effective marketing media.

Rafalski points out that using a service line like obstetrics makes using this lifetime value-based measurement even easier to see.

"Think about the mom who has her first baby delivered in your organization.所以传统营销人员说,“那么,那批货的价值是多少?What's my contribution margin?And how many deliveries am I doing?'… Lifetime value says,‘But what about the parents choosing a pediatrician aligned with your organization?And did we care for them for 18 years?And then after that 18-year period did they pick an adult family practice or internal medicine physician and continue using us?随着年龄的增长,他们是否继续使用我们治疗高血压等慢性病,“肥胖和糖尿病?”


拉法斯基从我们的播客中得到的最大建议是我认为任何人都能从中受益。当你进入医疗保险优势领域时(以及任何时候你启动新的营销策略),继续重新思考和调整很重要。Rafalski uses a football analogy to demonstrate this:

"The advice I would give is have your game plan sketched out,know exactly what you're going to do,但也要注意,你认为可能发生的事情可能不会真正发生,你需要做一些中场调整。这很重要。

You make some assumptions about what the broker community would deliver for you in the enrollment period.What manbetx备用网digital will deliver.What direct mail will deliver.传统媒体将提供什么。然后你从中学习,然后做出调整。So on the metric side having really clean lead generation data that can tie back to how the member made the choice is critical."

他给读者和听众留下了最后一条建议,提醒他们,医疗保健提供者和保险业正在向合并转变。It's best to get ahead while you can.

"Stay hungry in terms of your understanding of metrics and what's going on in the marketing space in general.由于所有垂直行业的发展和融合……保险业和供应商走到了一起,无论是在保险方面,收购供应商还是进入保险领域的供应商。如果您不熟悉提供商数据,快速熟悉。And if you're not familiar with insurance data,do the same.Because I think over time we're going to see a blending of those two industries."

Stewart Gandolf
Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director at 万博备用网Healthcare Success
Over the years Stewart has personally marketed and consulted for over 1,457 healthcare clients,从私人企业到数十亿美元的公司。此外,he has marketed a variety of America's leading companies,including Citicorp,J沃尔特汤普森,Grubb & Ellis巴利完全健康,富国银行和大通曼哈顿银行。斯图尔特共同创办了我们公司,今天担任首席执行官和创意总监。他还经常在医疗市场营销方面发表文章和演讲。他的个人成就是由一个可爱的妻子和两个漂亮的女儿支持的。








"Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market,我们的新病人数量是去年同期的两倍。招聘医疗保健成万博备用网功是我做过的最好的商业决策之一。”